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WTF? Mopar wheel-well liners rubbing on one side, not other??????

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I just installed my Mopar rear wheel well liners the other day...and I've got a problem. The one on the passenger side has like almost 2 fingers gap between the liner and the tire. The drivers rubs slightly when going over bumps, there is hardly NO gap. What gives? Anyone else have this problem?

I also just did an "eyeball" of how much my tires stick out on both sides...looks like my pass side sticks out a little more than the drivers. Is this an issue inherent with all Rams?
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You sure you have them installed correctly

There is a left and a right
mine dont either and i switched sides to make sure i had them on the right luck...holes didnt line up at all....poor design or warped a bit from shipping/storage maybe
My 02 F150 4x4 did it - one side the tires stuck out a little further than the other and my 07 4x4 does it as well - As I understand things - alot of 4x4's are like that.

Hope this helps ya
Yes, the left being drivers side and the right being passengers. Also, on the instructions it shows how the liner should look in relation to the truck.
ah, I wonder why that is with 4x4s?
I have a 4x4 that came with the wheel well liners and ever since I put the srt-10 22's on I have marks on the liners where the tires rubs - on both sides. Only rubs during body flex or roll (whatever the correct term is) Anyway the drivers side rubs more than the passenger side. Enough that on the drivers side it's has worn holes in the liner, but not on the passenger side.
bed is not on straight...a lot of rams have poor alighnment of the beds.
mine is the same way but i know why when i did my gears the axel tube is in the gear housing farther on one side then the other try measuring your axel tubes you might have the same problem
ah, thanks again for all the help. ill have that checked when i get my gears and tru trac done
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