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How should i have wired this for maximum output?

Deck: Alpine CDA-9825

Amplifier: Alpine MRP-F240

Speakers: Boston Acoustics FX93 6" x 9" 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers

I dont really know, it may be wired properly, but i want to take the seat out and the floor mat because i need to look at how the gas tank is setup there.. so i figure i will fix the wiring if we did it wrong. so any help is appreciated.. and im talking A LOT of help.. i dont have a clue how to install it lol. my dad did it, and its the first stereo he ever installed.. im actually thinking i could sell the amp to someone and buy a 2 channel amp since that is all i really need for those speakers.
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I'm working on some quality MS Paint work here... gimme a few. lol
Alright... let's see how close I am on this. lol

K, you have a 4 channel amp, but since it's only 1 set of speakers, you can bridge it to 2 channels. That amp bridged puts out 100 @ 4 ohms and your speakers take 20-140 @ 4 ohms so it should work pretty good. Now, you'll have to look at the labeling on the amp to make sure which 2 you can bridge with each other. Then, hook it up as follows.

Unless someone who knows more about multi channel amps and door speakers has other thoughts...


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from what i've been looking at.. that seems to be how it should be.. unforunately.. i think i have them on 1 and 2.. and not using 3-4.. i know there's some adjustments on my amp.. but i dont know what they mean.. but i noticed when i get the speakers above say volume 18 or so.. they really start sounding like crap. (especially when driving) you can probably get it up to 22 or so parked.
Looking at the page for your amp... I think these are some settings:

Switch for High/Low Pass- Flip it over to high (or on) for this amp to get the mids and highs out of the doors. Be sure the amp for the sub is on low as well.

Gain- Would be the amount of power/bass however it's looked at. Set it at half way and see how it sounds and move it one way and the other and compare.

Hmmm I can't think of any other switches... but as I said, I don't know a lot about all this, just enough to get me by. I'm just getting started on the know how of systems and still getting the basics down myself.
Damn, I shoulda looked at the other pix on there... lol I am right as far as bridgeing them goes: 1 and 2 togehter and 3 and 4 together.

Filter... put them both on HP and the gain to 1/2-3/4 or so. Bass EQ... I don't know if it'd matter, but set it about 1/2 way.
the75powerwagon- but i noticed when i get the speakers above say volume 18 or so.. they really start sounding like crap. (especially when driving) you can probably get it up to 22 or so parked.[/QUOTE said:
everything Bubba said sounds pretty good but you might want to try this; turn your sub amp all the way down first.
1st- turn your gain all the way down and put your HU volume up where you normally listen to it.
2nd- turn the bass boost on the amp all the way down and work your gain up till the speakers start to distort, then back the gain off till the distortion goes away.
3rd- now work your bass boost up to your preference (I have mine set probably under a 1/4 turn up).

If I am wrong on any of this please tell me (I too am just learning)
well, thanks guys.. i may just have to take the seat off and figure it out some. any other help is still appreciated though ;)
Did you ot get an owners manual with it? It should show you how to bridge the amp...

If the bass boost frequency is below the xOver frequency I would not bother... even if you had subs... bass boost is a sure way to damage speakers...
I'm not looking for these speakers to produce bass.. i got some subs and a sub amp lined up that im gonna put in here when i can get a gas tank.. but hopefully i'll get the chance to play with these settings in a few days.
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