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92 Dodge grand caravan 3.3 L

The windshield washer hose to the passenger side wiper needed replacement. It was a black rubber hose. To get it off of the fitting i had to use a screwdriver to push it off. I am not sure if it was calcium that held it on or if it was glued.

I had a clear vinel tube of the same diameter 1/8" and it went on the fittings hard. The fittings are completely smooth with no barbs.

I gave it a try and the vinel tube leaks badly on both ends, for some reason not sealing on the fitting. I tried polishing the fitting as it is a copper tube about 1/2 inch long, but it did not help.

Does anyone know if the factory glues the ends of the hose on the fittings or do i just need special washer hose.

Thank you

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