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wild country tires

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anyone heard of this private label tire maker Wild Country? A buddy bought a 2002 2500 with the HEMI and it had a 4" suspension lift with 35" Wild Country tires. I like em alot and would like to hear some feedback if anyone has experience with em??
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had 33x12.50x17 wild country mud tires on my old 02 ram. They worked great and wore like iron. I would get them again but i went with iroks this time.
where did you get a hold of the Wild Country's... a name brand store or somewhere else?
There is a tire shop about 35 miles from me that sells them. They are good looking cheap tires IMO.
my buddy has them on his Cheby...the have run great...he has had them for 2 years and they look new.
they came on my truck when i bought the truck used. tires were still looking new and the previous owner said he had them on for almost 2 years. They performed great in mud, snow, ice, gravel, dirt, and street. I would buy them if i didnt have the swampers.
a local tire shop around here sells them also, pretty good tires from what ive heard.
arent they put out by Les schwab? made by dean aka cooper?
nitis said:
arent they put out by Les schwab? made by dean aka cooper?

Some kind of company called multi-mile I think.
Here is a link..

Click Here!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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