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Hey everybody, so obviously we are Modern Day Muffler & Brake and we are the new guys to the Forum, but we just wanted to take a minute and break down how we got here, who we are etc. We are proud of our history and the company we've built and thought you guys may like the story as well!

We started our business 17 years ago out of the driveway of our home selling used cars, until the state of Ohio was not happy with the volume we were selling as an individual so we "decided" (got told by the state lol) to get a dealers license and go official. That was when we opened Modern Day Motor Cars, which we still operate here in Wadsworth, OH. I want to note that I'm going to say "our" and "we" a lot because we are a family run business, not some weird marketing tactic. The main person running this account (the guy writing this right now) will be Robert Hedrick, I am the son of the owner Rob (who will be the other guy you may hear from time to time) so when I talk about "our home" I do genuinely mean the home I've grown up in.

As we ran the car lot and began doing auto repairs I got to the age where it was time to start looking at my first car. I initially had my heart set (and don't kill me for this) on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, but while working one day I noticed we had a 2002 TJ with a blown motor out behind the building and a lightbulb went ding over my head! After some long discussion cough convincing cough with my parents we agreed on the idea of taking that black 02 TJ and turning it into a "Jurassic Park" Jeep. Now for those of you familiar with the film yes it is a YJ they used for production, but we had a TJ and a dream. What we thought would be a couple month project turned into a year and a half long project but after replacing most of the vehicle we now have ourselves a 2002 "Jurassic Park" Jeep Wrangler TJ and that car is my baby to this very day.

In the process of building the Jeep we did need to replace most of the lines on the vehicle, this included the transmission cooler lines. We got in contact with a local company who was able to custom make the lines for us and they even ended up saving the patterns in their CNC machine for future use. After talking to some local Jeep guys and selling them these lines we had made we realized that there may be a market for this them and made our first eBay listing. Things have only grown from there over the past couple of years with us now having our own website, we still run the eBay store, and we are currently working on getting our products onto Amazon. It's been a bit of a crazy journey but we are still here growing and doing are thing and of course we are still a family business! My sister and I are older now but as I'm going into my 3rd year of college we are able to help out a lot more and are part of the family business as much as we can these days.

Our main goal in our company, and on the forum, is to be able to provide high quality, brand name products but with the customer service of a family business. As we learned from the transmission lines, there are needs for products out there that we didn't even know about, so we would like to be a company with an open platform you can come to on parts you have trouble finding, haven't seen before, or wish were out there so we can grow and become a resource to make the hard to find and troublesome parts easier to understand and acquire in the community. So if you guys have something you're hunting for or can't find at a good price, then let us know and we'll do everything we can!

We are going to be involving ourselves in the community as much as we can to try and share the automotive knowledge we've built. We don't want to spend all day every day cramming our company down your throat because it's just not how we do business, we don't want to be a store you've bought something from, we want to be your resource for your automotive needs, even if you aren't buying something. Obviously we aren't going to know the ins and outs of every vehicle on the road and our knowledge obviously has its limits so we'd like to take in as much info as we give out and learn what we can from you guys to be a better resource for current and future Dodge owners!
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