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Whats a good runnning 318 and good 727 worth these days?

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The 318 just had the heads redone and the motor is real clean runs real smooth. Tranny shifts tight and firm ( not shift kit firm but firm ).
Comeing out of a 1979 d100 that has had a real easy life.
What do you think? $300.00 - $400.00 ?
What about the 2wd chassis? Rust free? Std cab long bed.
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That sounds reasonable...
But as you know, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it ;)
But I think you're asking a fair price.....
I'd say 300 bucks for the engine and 200 for the transmission. Or sell them together for 450.
Yup, I paid 650 for motor/tranny combo, but it was well worth it too
Thanks for the advise guys,,,,

Any takers for $400.00 for the motor and tranny?
Mabe this should be moved to classifieds
One step ahead of you,,,,

But thanks for checking.
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