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What type of gas Premium or Regular

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I have been told to use Premium gas instead of rgular, and that regular gas will damage the Hemi Engine? Can anyone confirm this...
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What does running a programmer do?
if your 2004 Hemi is mostly stock other then electronic modifications 89 octane pump fuel is fine
Manual says to run mid-grade, its what i use
your manual may very well say that alot has to do with the region in which you live and where your truck was purchased
9.6 : 1 compression stock is well within mid-grade. Premium is a waste of money.
Manual says 89, 87 not suggested but do-able.
I get better mpg after using the superchips programmer and premium gas. I went from 15 to 19
i use 89
I dunno' she runs good on 87... no knocking at all - even in summer when i am gettin' on it!
us the hi octaine

I've got a 2005 quad cab Hemi Larime. I had a "tap,tap,tap" sound coming from my motor. I thought it was bent push rods because I've got a '72 Ford f100 302v8 with that problem.

Trust me, use the hi octaine gas. I used to think the same thing that using the low octaine was okay but after 33k miles and a trip to the dealer, I'm now a believer of hi octaine for my Hemi.

They said, "it's synonymous with the Hemi's...fill it up twice with the hi octaine and it should fix the problem."

I use the cheap Walmart gas. After I used his advice and filled up with the hi octaine the tapping sound went away.

since I have bought my 2003 4x4 hemi I have used nothing but Chevron 90 in alaska that is all I could get was 90 now that i am in texas now I can put 93 and I use it know either chevron or shell that is all I will put in my truck and I get 14mpg realworld I do it every time I fill up.
i use the hi grade and have no ssues....its like 2.00 more a fill up
The owners manual calls for the mid-grade 89 octane. Sometimes I will top off with the 87 when I am on a half tank. Never had a problem ! Anything more than the 89 is just a waste of money. You wouldn't notice any difference.
I found that if I use the Sunoco Ultra 94 or 93 ( cant remember which grade it is) it only costs about $5 more a tank to fill from empty, and I average about .8 miles more per gallon, and my tap went away as well
you guys are lucky for your cheap US gas, i wish our price was like yours, but i get more mpg and distance on 94 octane, which FYI is about 4.60 a gallon, so just about 1.15 a liter for premium,
You need to use at least 89 because of the compression and timing advance. You have to use 91 with superchips because it advances the timing. I was using the 87 octane tune with superchips and i had to take it to the dealer, so I set my truck back to stock. It ran like crap on the 87 octane and stock tune.

No reason to use 91 or 93 on a stock truck though.
ive had NO issues in the year and half and 60,000 miles ive put on mine with ONLY 87, thats including mods and tunning so 100+ degree texas summers and falls

run wat fits your needs, higher octane is to reduce knock,
Some people say there isn't a difference, but my truck ran like crap when I put 87 in it. With 93 on performance tune it's so much better.
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