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Weird Electrical trick

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Is my truck the only one that does this?

Start the truck. Then with your foot on the brake put the trans in neutral(i have automatic). Now turn the key half way back, but so that the truck is still on. Within seconds all the gauges will go dead. Including the odometer. But the radio will still work.
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Never tried, but I'm sure its the same on all our trucks. Congrats on joining dodgetalk!
But the thing is, the truck is still drivable. You can drive and not put miles on the car!
...hehe...are you sure?...I hav an 05 with 67K miles on it...hhmmmmmm....
Nope never heard of this but I'll have to try it.
Its because when you rotate your keys the cylinder switches one of the Acc wires off to the fuse panel meanwhile the other one remains on. Why you may ask? Its because the key cylinder is not all the way in the off position due to the truck still being in gear. You are just splitting it down the middle. This is the same as the start position, in the start position the only thing that works is the starter as this is the only wire that receives the 12 volts.

I am not sure why you would do this?

Just my 2cents
Do a search for "key trick" and you should find a decent explanation of what it does. I believe it negates the rev and top speed limiters for starters....
yeah a bunch of us tried that a few years ago....its ok for a little while but does something to the computer that caused problems to a few of the guys......I say if you want to save a few miles on the truck......WALK......
That would be my advice as well, lol. :D
not to mention that it might cause excesive resistance in the switch. Resisitance causes heat, which causes smoke, which causes fire. Now who would want that? You think you 05 with 67,000 miles on it might drop in value? Try selling a 6000 pound piece of charcoal. My 2 cents.
haha. that charcoal is worth more with 3 less miles on it
...yea right...i don't give a rats ass how many miles I have on my truck...I love drivin it an I don't think I'll ever give it up anyways...someone thru it out ther and I said hhhmmm...
Don't lie Fred....I saw you jack up the rear of your truck and put it in reverse like Ferris Bueller's Day Off! LOL

...i musta had it in Drive cuz the miles kept pile-in
Just start driving on the freeway in reverse. I'm sure the CHP won't care, they see crazier shit on I-680 all the time. :thatfunny

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