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Wax on trim

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Found this on two guys garage forum

Proven Meguiars Product


I waxed my Explorer recently and resulted in a trail of wax residue on my pastic/vinyl trim. Needless to say, all my detailing products are Mequiars. It turned out that even their wax left a residue. It's only due to sloppy application by myself. I tried Mequiars #40 to clean up the mess and no go. I sent an email off to Mequairs and they recommended their #39 professional series vinyl cleaner and then followed by the #40.

I started with a clean shop cloth and still no better, After rereading the directions , they suggested using a bristle brush. I did. Carefully using the brush (an old tooth brush) along with the #39 cleaner and then the #40 cleaner, here stands a product that does what it say it does (when done properly).

Note: #39 cleaner cannot be found at AutoZone or Pepboys or Murry's. It can't even be found in any of our Canadian retail stores. You have to go to a a place that sells auto body supplies. Napa being one of them. I got mine at CarQuest.

Hope this helps anyone suffering from wax residue. I might be using #39 & #40 to do my dash instead of the old ArmorAll. Personally, I believe that any of these surfaces have to be cleaned before being treated. I think Armorall just covers up and even then, it's not the greatest.
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I've been known to tape off the plastic handles and other trim pieces on my vehicles before waxing...... kind of a P.I.T.A. but worth it to prevent such hassles.
forever black works wonders or even waxblaster
I usually just make and avoid a circle around the trim, i figure enough wax will hit that spot when i buff it. That way it prevents all white marks on the trim. But thats just me.
That is another advantage to painting all the cowels mirrors etc door handles( or covering them with PUTCO Chrome covers )

In addition the black fades with time
That's great information! Thanks for sharing! Getting dried wax off plastic is probably one of the most asked questions, now there is a good answer.
I aply the wax to a cloth and than aply it so that it will not over spray onto the trim. I use Black Majic spray wax and have not had any trouble with it on trim so far.
also an old school trick is black shoe polish..but wil my expierence you can even use Tarminator by stoner..but by far the best is black forever
enhanced250 said:
also an old school trick is black shoe polish..but wil my expierence you can even use Tarminator by stoner..but by far the best is black forever
No spare? what if you get a flat?
one huge can of tire flat under my seat
Peanut butter! Works every time.
90% isopropyl alcohol used with a baby's tooth brush will remove the wax from textured surfaces and crevices quite well.
Tooth brush, water and patience. You can also use armor all to help. . .just don't get the armorall on the paint..your fresh wax job will need to be re done.
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