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I have an 2004 quad cab with 18,000 miles and the top of the steering wheel is peeling and my dealer said that dodge won't warrenty it . was wondering if anybody else has had this problem. ad if it was warrenty, or if someone has a phone # to a factory person i can talk to about this. looks bad for a new truck. Thanks
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BTW: Welcome to DT sch605
I think as a rule warranty won't cover cosmetic stuff unless you really argue with them.
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My grandfather died today, and aftera 500 mile drive, that made me laugh. Thanks for putting a smile on a really sad face, i needed it.
I never checked out the links before. Now that's funny!
bnii, sorry to hear about your loss. May your grandfather RIP.
Man, you guys are harsh! Harsh, but funny! Back to his question, yes my 2004 has the same problem. About 12,000 miles into it the leather on the steering wheel started getting wrinkled and coming off. Dodge won't do anything unless you complain and have some friends at the dealer. Considering the truck is 2 years old, its probably a lost cause. Just buy a steering wheel cover - thats what I did.
That should be warrantied under the 3/36. Id make a big stink.
That second link placement was hilarious. I had to go back and read the original post.
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3. I got my steering wheel replaced under warranty for the same thing. be a hard-a$$ about it and they will cover it
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