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My other ride is an '08 VW Passat wagon. I've been a long time user of a program written for VW/AUDI (and other family brands) that monitors performance, allows setting of options, checks status of readiness and error codes and permits resetting error codes. I recently bought my '08 Durango SLT and immediately felt like an outsider since I couldn't do all of those wonderful VW magic things. I asked around on the forums about a similar tool for CDJR vehicles and came up dry - at least at a price I could afford. That surprised me, too. I figured there were a whole bunch more CDJR fans than VW in the US.

The VW program does have a generic OBDII section that I tried years ago on my wife's Toyota. While it was able to read a little data, it wasn't very descriptive or useful. I decided to try it yesterday on my Durango and, wonder of wonders, there is lots of info there! I still can't set options (dang!) but reading and resetting codes and checking status works fine.

If you have a VW/Audi, or a friend that does, you may want to try the program. Obviously, you also need the cable to connect your computer to the vehicle's OBDII connector. Their old connectors were not all CANBUS ready, so make sure if you try it that cable you use is. It's not worth buying the cable only for your Dodge, in my opinion.

The program is VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) from Ross-Tech in Langhorne, PA. Their website is:

I'm going to attempt to attach a file here showing a save I did of some of the available info.



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