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I finally had some time to take some pictures of all the body parts I mentioned in an earlier post. Here is some basic information on the vehicle:

VIN: B11AE5X142495
Make: Dodge
Model: B1 - B100
Body Style: 1 - Compact Van (Tradesman); Conventional Cab; LCF Cab; Std HD Tilt Cab; Long Conventional Cab
Gross Vehicle Weight: A - 6,000 lbs or less
Engine: E - LA 318-1 V8 2V
Year: 1975
Plant: X - Missouri Truck
Wheelbase: 109,127
Rating: 1/2 Ton
Build Number: 142495

I uploaded 27 pictures to my flicker account at[email protected]/

I am not sure if the pictures really show this, but all the rust, if any, is very light surface rust, except on the rear passenger side door. On the rear passenger side door, on the inside lower corners there are small rusted out holes. I am not an expert body and fender guy, but I believe these are repairable and minor in nature.

Here is a list of parts:

Wiper/Vent cover
Driver Side Front Door
Passenger Side Front Door
Driver Side Rear Door [Small repairable dent in license tag area]
Passenger Side Rear Door [rust in lower "inside" corners]

Please make me an offer. I would prefer local pickup [Baltimore, Maryland] and of course cash. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
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