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2006 Durango SLT 5.7 Hemi

Good morning Dodge folks…

I was getting codes for a cylinder 4 misfire and a couple others that pointed to an issue with the MDS/solenoids. I replaced them all, and afterward there is a rough idle and bad vibration at any speed for which code P0301 “Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected” came up with the check engine light turning on.

I can only assume that the solenoid in position 1 is bad out of the box, but would appreciate any advice as this is a lot of work to take everything apart and put it back together again. I ordered another single solenoid to replace the one in position 1. To confirm, that is the one in the front right position (if you’re facing the engine)? Is there any other diagnostic I can do to be sure of the cause? I don’t have any fancy diagnostic tools, but the only thing I changed was the solenoids prior to this occurrence.

Side note: Before the P0301 code appeared I thought maybe I damaged the map sensor during repair, so I went ahead and replaced that. I also cleaned the throttle body and checked the filter box and throttle body connections to be sure there isn’t an air leak.

Second question - I was an idiot and forgot to replace the insulator foam under the manifold so I just threw it away. Wish I’d kept it to put it back. Where can I get another? Couldn’t find online.

Thanks in advance!
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