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Useful Site for OEM Factory Body Parts & Replacement Parts.

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Hey Guys.
I came across this site while searching for yet more stuff to add to my Dakota.

These links are to what appears to be OEM Factory Catalog Replacement Parts for either Collision or Mechanical Parts for the 2005 Dodge Dakota.

I'm sure other years can be found but since I have an `05 these links will take you to the 2005 Data.

"Body Parts" Factory Catalog System.

"Replacement Parts" Factory Catalog System.

Every part I've looked at gave complete details and Images of what i was looking at.

Hope someone find this as useful as I might one day. I've Bookmarked it forsure.

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good site....

but why is the left tail light cheeper then the right tail light? :)
supply and demand. passenger side parts are more expensive cause most people end up in wrecks pulling in/out across traffic.
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