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What color

  • Yellow

    Votes: 12 29.3%
  • DVD/Radio is this color

    Votes: 15 36.6%
  • Purple....LSU lol

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 10 24.4%


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what color do you think would look best on my yellow dodge rumble bee...i thik if i would put yellow it would be a bit too much yellow
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Go Tigers!
i would go with yellow.
It's not on your list, but I think Orange would look pretty cool.
i always liked white or else black light ;)
NONE. underglow is cheeze man, save it for the hondas. my .02
It might look pretty cool if you used the purple or the pink, Like the color surrounding the Rumble bee on your stripe. Just thinking that it would make the yellow just POP. I WONDER IF STEVE WEIGEL CAN PHOTO SHOP THAT FOR YOU????
I hope "other" means the same as "none" because that's what I voted for. LOL
I like the look of Neons under the vehicle... whether it be a ricer or a 3 ton truck!! if your an LSU fan... which im a UF fan GO GATORS!!... then purple would look SICK on that rumble bee you got. Blue would also be cool too... but the five-0 probably would get you for that and it might not turn out pretty (impercinating a police officer).. this is also coming from a guy that is saving up for a RED neon kit :D so if i were you id stick with PURPLE!!!

hey ive got a red neon kit im selling...never installed brand new! PM for details if interested
Hey bro im very instested, but the thing is ive bought a ton of stuff for my truck already, and i have a bunch of factory stuff that i pulled off sitting in my room, and my mom told me i cant buy anything else until i sell the stuff i already have sitting around... but if i were you id still put in the classifieds section and their will most likely be some replys to it

Thanks for the offer tho
no prob...i had plans on putting em on a black reg cab 2wd but traded her in on the quad cab 4wd...the glow wouldnt look right on a higher truck in my opinion
I would do white maybe.....if you did yellow that would be too much yellow in my opinion. LSU and Les Miles = :tdwn: After what Les Miles did to OSU :VHOT:
Just some fyi since you're in LA too....I was out last night and found myself behind a truck with blue underglow. I wasn't behind him for more than a minute and a cop rushes infront of me and pulls the guy over. Whatever you go with....don't do blue or red....if you do, you're just asking for a ticket.
I would go with yellow to make a complete look or go with white
Voted other, for no color!
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