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Truck is dead

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So I go to start the truck the other day, and the starter just cranks it over. Worked fine the day before. I couldn't even find a good way to get to the pre-filter, or the larger fuel filter. Someone else suggested checking out the fuel shut-off solinoid. I can't even see clearly where that is..

I need some help here :D
Thanks for anything
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If anyone could help me find the fuel shut-off solinoid, I'd really appreciate it :cool:
k, I looked it up in my Haynes manual and heres part of what it says....."The fuel shutdown solenoid is mounted on the side of the fuel injection pump and is connected to the pump with a lever"

From the picture it looks like if you're standing at the front of the engine it is behind the upper half of the intake manifold and has an electrical connector attached. Hope this helps.
Hey thanks Bobem ;) I found it last night (probably around the same time ya posted this, though I didn't see it 'till this morning)
If ya stand on the drivers side, and spot the large allen head plug for the afc housing, it's directely below that with a rubber (mine was completely shredded) boot, and two wires coming from it.
I turned the key on, lifted the solenoid which stayed up. Cranked it over and still nothing.
At least I can limit that one out.
The blue fusable wire on the drivers side battery is also good. Somebody mentioned a fuel pump relay on the firewall. The only one I know of is in the fuse/relay box on the drivers side, not actually ON the firewall.. I changed it since it was only 8 bucks. Is there another relay I should be looking for?
Thanks for any help
When you turn the key on do you hear the fuel pump energize?? if so then it is most likely your injector pump. Mine went out driving down the road and all of a sudden died...1500 bucks later she is fine. Also have you loosened the banyo bolt going into the injector pump to see if you have fuel or not??
just curious

how old is the battery ?
He won't hear the buzzing on the 12 valve motor.

If you've pulled the fuel shutdown solenoid and it stays up, you should be getting fuel to your injection pump.

Try a couple of things.

First, check to make sure that no air is able to get in the system. You may have a cracked fuel return line letting air in the system. Kind of a PITA to change, but it's gotta be done. It's the fuel line that runs from the front top-side of the the fule injection pump to the fuel tank. No fun at all to change.

On the driver side of the engine, below the fuel filter is the manual lift pump, it has a little black primer bulb on it. Pump it about 50 times to make sure the fuel system is primed to the pump. You may hear a slight squeaking noise when you do this a while. That is fuel going through the over flow valve on the front top side of the injection pump, if you hear that noise, the system is primed.

Try starting the truck, making sure the fuel shutdown solenoid stays in the up position(you might even zip tie it in the up position).

If it still doesn't start, crack the fuel injection lines, I usually only do numbers 1, 3, and 4. If I remember correctly #2 is PITA to get to. Try starting the engine with the injector lines loose while giving it some pedal. It may try to crank, or it might actually start. When it does this, tighten the injector lines. THe engine should smooth out when any air in the system gets out of the system.
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