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This has happened twice so far,
The first time i was driving, I was going around 5-8mph until my car put itself in park and wobbled.
Later that day I drove and it put its self into neutral and I took it into a dealership after seeing a check engine light and it taking 20 minutes to get my car started.
Today I was driving somewhat aggressively and it did it again going 60-70ish (normal highway speeds) I couldn’t turn my car on for 30 minutes, after contemplating a tow truck It turned on thankfully, drove it into service and asked for the readings.
My TCM says the clutch was overheated, when that happens does it go into limp mode to not death the transmission?
I have more codes from my manual neutral lever, and others from my car being in run position and then it being run again, and door being opened and trying to turn it on,
When i tried to turn my car on it made the sound of a dead car battery, and kept going for 10ish seconds.
I attached a picture of the codes, they’re on the bottom
Not looking for answers, rather insight, an answer would be helpful though.
I sadly have a 2013 Charger SE
Hi waughdog9123,
We sincerely regret hearing of the trouble. Please know that our team would be more than happy to provide you with an additional layer of assistance if you do end up connecting with your dealer again. Feel free to follow up with us via private message if this would be of interest.

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