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I’d like to introduce myself to the forum, my name is Timmy Megenbier and I am the motorsports manager here at Power Stop brakes, I’ll be posting on here as well as offering Track Day tech support here on the forum. I have been a professional race car driver most of my life, there is a short bio at the end of this post. But first, I want to talk about our new Track day products.

I have been working with Power Stop over the last year and a half developing the Track Day kit with the in-house Power Stop R&D team, when the program went live last October I was asked to join the team and run the motorsports program. We were using a 2008 Corvette Z06 as our initial test car, this testing set the ground work for other muscle car platforms such as the Challenger and Charger in SRT and Hellcat trims. During testing we had to try out a huge range of combinations not only of our own parts but also our competitor’s kits that were already on the market to know where we stood on the track.

We outfitted the Z06 with an AIM Evo 4 data logging system with GPS and OBD II logging built in, we added infrared brake rotor temperature sensors at all 4 wheels, brake pressure sensors at all 4 wheels as well as brake pressure at the master cylinder before the ABS system. We also shot video of the brakes as they heated up and cooled down during braking on the track. We also worked together with the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Arizona during this time to help them improve braking and reliability of their C7 Stingray and Camaro 1LE vehicle fleets. The Bondurant school went on to run our new Track Day braking compound on all of their GM vehicles throughout 2015 and will continue to use them on the new Hellcat & Viper fleets in 2016 and beyond.

After all of the testing and too many brake jobs to count, I feel confident in saying that we developed a product that is ideal for Track events and a perfect fit for the Corvette factory braking system. The Track Day Brake Kit is the first product of it’s kind with brake pads and rotors designed not only to work together, but also designed and tested to optimize your factory braking system. The platform-specific braking formula has great initial bite, consistent pedal feel and modulation, and very high resistance to fading on track. It also has very impressive cold friction meaning you never have to worry about going on track cold without predictable braking. The pads are a carbon fiber metallic formula paired with a high carbon rotor drilled and slotted rotors developed together to give you great bite and cooler brakes that are resistant to fading. All of this info and more is available on our website (, additionally I am here to personally answer your questions about the kit as well as any technical inquiries you may have.

I will also be attending track days in the near future for live track support as well as displaying kits and talking about our products. I’m available for driver coaching as well on a one-on-one basis. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with and make sure you checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages! See you at the track!

- Timmy Megenbier
Motorsports Manager

Here is a short bio about me before Power Stop

I started in kart racing as a kid until I attended the Skip Barber racing school and was selected to race in the Skip Barber national championship series where I finished in the top 5 at the age of 13; I also raced USAC midgets on the paved oval for a few seasons in between kart and Skip Barber events. In 2008 at age 16 I was invited to race in the VW Jetta TDi Cup where I learned very quickly that the finesse of open wheel cars did not translate directly to sedans, I finished that season in the back half of the pack... Humbled. I took the knowledge acquired in my first year in the series and clinched the 2009 series championship around halfway through the season. The same year I was selected to race in Germany in the VW Polo Cup finishing 7th overall in my debut season. In 2010 I set off to Europe where I continued as a factory VW driver in the Scirroco R Cup race series, this was the first CNG (compressed natural gas) race series in the world. Racing in Europe was exceptionally competitive and showed me once again that I still had much to learn… and not much time to do it. After some quick learning (both on the track and in daily life) I finished 5th in the championship as the only American driver in the series. I returned to the states in 2011 to race Formula cars and return to my open wheel roots in the USF2000 championship racing on a team of my own, taking 5th in the series. Since 2012 I have been involved in factory race programs and helped with vehicle development for various teams and companies like Power Stop.
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