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TKE Battery

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Anybody have any sucess with the TKE Battery warning?

My Dodge dealer says no error code is being written to the computer.

But now I have problems with my keyless entry, compass and homelink.
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The battery in your key fob is low!
Typical Dodge. My owners manual says it'll last three years mininum.

So why would this affect my compass? The Nav system compass works but the EVIC one does not.
My key fob had the same error code. Replaced the battery and within several weeks the error came back. Discovered several cold solder joints on the battery holder, touched it up with fresh solder and the error hasn't reappeared.

Thanks, Mikey

I'll pass that info along to the guys at Dodge.

Come to find out, it was a lose wire in the a pillar.

Whatever they say.

At least they fixed it. I have a good dealer, thankfully.
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