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Hey Guy's

I just ordered some BFG 325/60/r20 Km2's for my truck from America's Tire. I have been doing a little research on Tire Siping.

What do you guy's think?
If you have it do please help me decide?

I live in Oregon go to the snow alot during the winter and Sand in the Summer. I don't offroad to much.



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It really depends on use, the tire[type and material], the way they are sipped, and by the competence of the sipper.
A full(all lugs) sipping will mainly help on pavement. Improving grip on lightly snowy roads, in the rain, dry road launch, and some icy conditions, as well as hard breaking. Sand will suffer from the large paddle affect of a tire like the km2 and will dig more than float, sipping isn't going to improve this much. Rocks give a trade off affect, they bite like crazy but chip and deteriorate faster.
I had a set of Dunlop mudrovers sipped for my old 79 bronco. Traction was night and day, mainly due to the unsipped rovers being almost worthless[good thing they're cheap]. I eventually tore them apart going from rock use to pavement. I had them sipped by a carver that mainly redesigns and groves pulling and drag tires and not by a machine.
[personally] I would run the Km2's for a bit to see if they need it first. If they break loose in the rain or even dry pavement then I'd consider sipping the center lugs a bit more.

Good luck and keep on truckin

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Any pics of the KM2's yet. I'm concidering these tires in the spring......

isn't siping the small thin grooves in the tread blocks? look at the original BFG MT, solid tread blocks... Tread siping helps in ice, snow, rain...... places a solid block MT would suffer......

let us know about these tires
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