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Those with Aero Turbine systems....

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How much should I expect to pay to have the 3030 series muffler installed, assuming I already have the muffler? What size it the pipe exiting the cat converter?

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Welcome to Dodge Talk! I'm not sure for a 3030, but I have a 2525 and I bought it off E-bay. I took it to my local Midas dealer and they installed it for $40 US. What kind of truck do you have and with what engine?
what is an aero turbine sys?
Check out and you will see. A friend of mine had one on a 2003 Ram. I loved the sound. I checked out the website and I was sold.
Talk to Slammed1 he carries Aero turbine, and installs them if you are local...
i know the site says flowmaster, but what would you guys compare the sound to? like s eries 40 muffler? i love the sound of my factory exhaust on my r/t... its quiet and stelthy till i get on it.
Are you guys that are runnin the aero turbine also using one of their resonators? If not whats the sound like in the cab? I have a quad cab so I have to try to avoid drone if possible, but dont wanna spend the extra $100 if I dont have to.

Badzdad, I have the resonator on my truck. At first I went without it and the noise(if you're into glass packs, it's just as loud!) was about to drive me crazy! The next week I put the resonator on and it made the exhaust sound almost stock at idle, but when you stomp on the gas it's almost as loud!
Sweet...thanks for the info.
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