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Hi all. I am new here but I have to tell that it is very nice to see how helpful people are here and I hope that someday I also can help somebody but now I have question to you.
Here in Europe we have make some modifications depending of country (rules in EU should be same but they are not). I had to modify my tail turn signals and I made it so that I removed original LED board from inside of lamp and replaced it with plastic board with separate LEDs. Now turn signal works OK but I get error text to dash. Can somebody explain how CAN system know if lamp is working or not? Measure current? Or should there be some "end resistors" like in some industrial CAN systems have? I also wonder why socket diagram say "driver" for turn and park but "fault sense" for brake? Basically my question is how can I cheat BCM to think that everything is as earlier. Thanks in advance and greetings from Finland.
PS I already tried to increase load with 5W but it not help. Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number
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Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number
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