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Is anyone running a supercharger on their HEMI? I've been looking at the GS/Paxton unit and it looks to produce a pretty good HP increase it's a little expensive. Anyway feedback appreciated.
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alot of people have shy'd away from the Gs supercharger and went with the sts turbo kit, its cheaper and it makes more power, , people have said that the customer service is horrible with them and that they are not getting the percieved horsepower that they say you will
The gsm system uses additional injectors.

That is a bad idea because the additional fuel mix does not reach all cylinders equally.

The sts turbos with the smt-6 makes more power, hands down.
How much is the sts turbo all together, with all tuning needed?
There will be a couple more supercharger kits available in the near future. Once the competition is out there, the prices should drop.
hemi1769, I'm trying to figure this out ;) should be under 8k with all you could need to have it runing fine and tuned... I guess you can manage it for 5k but you'll need to have someone tune it anyway
The base STS system is good for up to 5-6 lbs of boost but to go higher you need an intercooler and/or methanol injection. The turbo on the base system is plenty capable in fact it is powerful enough to blow you stock block since it can only handle about 10 psi.

You can get a STS kit with the smt6 and front mount intercooler for about 5K and with that you can take it up to 9-10 psi on a stock block. I would also suggest a blow-off valve to releive back pressure to the turbo when you let off the gas and a boost controller so you can be in low(3.6psi) boost for daily driving then flip the switch and go to high(9-10psi) when you want more power. You can just get a 9-10psi wastegate spring but then you would always be at 9-10psi when going WOT.
The numbers above are about right.

You will need a boost guage and a good wideband A/F guage, preferrably with a datalogger. Like the lm-1 and xd-16 from innovate.l

Then you really should have a good scanner like the autoxray to read fuel trims, timing and knock counts.
Hmmm alot good feedback here Turbo or supercharger what to do
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