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**I will be posting this into the How-To area once complete**

I have had my Diamond subs sitting in our back bedroom for almost a year now. I have put off getting them into the truck, since the boxes I had previously made didn’t fit.

I have overcome my laziness and begun fabrication on the new enclosures for my Ram single cab.

I will post a full how to once everything is complete, however I will update this thread as my work progresses. As of now, I have bought the sheet of MDF and almost completed one of the two boxes.

Building a small sealed enclosure is quite simple, however can be frustrating and costly if done improperly. Hopefully these pics and info will help those that wish to do this. Its not the biggest or most difficult box to build but this should give a decent idea of what to do.

To start, here is what I am using and here are the enclosures I had previously built: Diamond Audio D3 dual 2’s, run at 2 ohms with a JBL 600.1. The enclosures previously used are ported transmission line enclosures tuned to 30 hz. The spec sheets for these enclosures may be found at Diamond Audio’s webpage under tech sheets.

I am building two sealed enclosures to fit behind the seats of a single cab ram.
I’m using 5/8” MDF
Tools I am using: T-Square ruler used in architecture
Perfect 90degree angle ruler
Tape measure
Circular saw with fine tooth blade
Electric nailer
Wood glue
Silicone Caulk
Dremel with router attachment

You need to decide on what size for the enclosure(s). I am using two and wish to retain some space between them. My measurements are: H 22”, W 15”, top depth 6”, bottom depth 11”.
Keep in mind when deciding which piece will fit over other pieces to compensate for the thickness of the MDF.
5/8” = .625, if you have a piece fitting between two other pieces you need to subtract the external pieces from the piece being cut. E.g. my top most piece will fit in between the front and back AND the two sides. So I have to subtract .625 twice (1.25”) from that piece. If that piece is 6” by 15”, it then goes to 4.75” by 13.75”

Once you have your pieces measured, cut with a 90 degree angle with the circular saw.

I didn’t take many pics of the cutting of the pieces but more of the assembly. If you need to see the pieces cut, I will take more pics on the second box.

What is important is since the top and bottom are different depths, you will be forced to cut a few pieces at an angle in order to assure a proper seal.

The front of the top piece, front of the bottom piece, and the two ends of the front piece must be cut at an angle. I took my circular saw and held it to the side pieces and manually adjusted the saw platform to the angle needed.

Once all pieces are cut, be sure to assemble the box as best you can to make sure all pieces fit tightly. You may need to sand various spots to get a tight fit.

For assembly, I spread a line of wood glue on the pieces going together, once pushed together, I used the electric nailer using 1” framing nails to secure the pieces together. I will go in later once the glue has fully dried and use just a few screws. My previous box was assembled completely with screws, however with more nails and less screws, there should be no problems.

Once the pieces are secure add more wood glue to the inside as needed to fill any areas. I will be going back with silicone caulk to complete the seal.

I assembled the pieces as follows: Back piece first, the two side pieces next, the bottom and top piece inside the side and back pieces and the front piece with the sub hole will be last, that piece like the back piece will cover the sides, top and botom completely.

I also put the semi assembled box in the truck just for sh!ts and giggles and also to assure I didn’t fvck up the measurements. It sure looks like it coulda been a little wider, oh well.

Back to the assembly:

Now I went back and filled in any cracks or minor gaps with wood glue and smoothed it out with my finger. It doesn’t have to be completely pretty as the box will get a good sanding before it is finished.

This is where I stopped at today.

I will continue to make posts as I progress, now I need to sand any uneven pieces, keep in mind when using non-commercial equipment most cuts won’t be perfect. As long as they are tight enough to seal any areas that aren’t perfect may be sanded.

I will next cut a 11.25” hole in the front piece for the sub and attach the sub with T-nuts.
I also plan on using a banana plug speaker terminal and will use the dremel/router to make that hole as well as the sub hole.
I will also probably throw in some bracing’s in the box.
The boxes will be coated with Line-X for final completion. Unsure of color at this time but probably just black.

If anyone has any input or questions please let me know. Also I will be doing the same thing all over again with the second box so if anyone needs further clarification, let me know and I will elaborate.

Thanks for looking,

Right now its Miller time!

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dale3fan3 said:
dskirtech is the lead on that section but any of us can help you out
Thank you, will do.
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