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Street Scene Bumper - Billet Insert

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Saw this Bumper insert for what appears to be a streetscene bumper. Just thought I'd post for anyone interested.

Price - $95.00 Buy It Now
Ebay Item # - 7977507824

Link :


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I am actually installing my old CarriageWorks bumper insert in BYOUNG03's truck sometime soon......we test fit it in his Street Scene bumper cover and it was a perfect fit!!! two brackets are needed to anchor to but that is it........everything else fits like it was made for the S&S bumper cover!!!!
Thanks Kenny for the Heads up too bro!!!
Hey, I just try to do my part. :D Thats good to know that the Carriage works fits with a lil modification, good leg work as usual Brian! :tup:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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