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Stock Throttle Body 5.2 50mm?

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I was wanting to know the stock size of the throttle body of the 318 5.2L. Is it 50mm? also, is the r/t 360 5.9 stock throttle body the same size as the 318? Thanks.
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Call Dan at he could tell you.
The stock throttle body for all Durango's with a 5.2 (318ci) or 5.9 (360ci) is 48mm (this includes the R/T as well). The ported stock throttle bodies that Fastman sells is a 50mm or 52mm. Hope this helps.
Ya what MagnumD said. I have read that the fastman bores the 5.2L throttlebodies out another if that makes it a 50mm then the stock size is 48mm.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but DodgeEnthusiast I was wondering how much space you have between the top of your air cleaner and the hood liner above it. Thanks
I would guess somewhere between 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches. I tried putting a 3" air cleaner on and I basically had to squash the hood onto it. If you're going to get a round air filter I would suggest trying to find a 2.75"...that would probably be about perfect. My plan is to get a 3" PA body lift and the great side effect would be added clearance for a bigger air filter!:D
The reason i asked was that there was a 50mm one on ebay. After the auction ended he said it had been ported. He didnt put it in his description though. So i thought it was the stock. The 50mm ported tb ended up selling for 31 bucks with 15 bucks shipping. I messed up on that one!!!!!
throttle body

i got one from fastman . it was a 360 bored out to a 55.5 mm runs great. now iam looking for a 360 computer off a 89 ram.hope it will help even more.
throttle body

is there anyway to convert or to know about what size throttle body is compared to a carb. like how many cfm is a TB 55.5 mm????????

I couldn't find any CFM numbers for V8's...
From (Neon section 4cyl):
49mm TB flows 252 cfm
52mm TB flows 283 cfm
55mm TB flows 317 cfm
60mm TB flows 377 cfm

I read this a few days back on a GM site V6 section (I have a Pontiac):
65mm=2.56" = 5.15sq/in = 480cfm
62mm=2.44" = 4.67sq/in = 435cfm
58mm=2.28" = 4.08sq/in = 381cfm
56mm=2.20" = 3.8sq/in = 354cfm
52mm=2.05" = 3.3sq/in = 308cfm
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