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Start up idle problem

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i have a 97 ram 1500 4wd with the 318. it starts up fine then cuts off. only when its cold. even if i crank it up and give it a slight rev or hold it to about 2000 rpm for 2-3 seconds. but one it gets warmed up she will drop right down to idle like nothing ever happend. it has gotten worse over the last month it used to crank and idle and drop then idle and drop. or if i would put it in gear it would die, unless it was wormed up

any ideas

i just replaced the spark plugs, wireset, distributor cap, and rotor button hoping it would cure the problem.

seems like its a sensor any help would greatly be appreciated

i have a didgital mutimeter if you can tell me how to do some testing of sensors

also there is no check engine light
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Check and clean the sensors on the TB,
And really it`s just as easy to remove the TB and spray the whole thing down. then reinstall,
well i just might have to do that but when i had the air box off to get back down to the distributor. i inspected the tb and it was covered with carbon deposits so i sprayed cleaner in it the best i could
You really want to clean the sensor at the rear of the TB.
You can remove the sensor and clean it good , but best to remove the TB. and do the whole thing,
I ended up replacing all 3 of the TB sensors for around $100. At the time they had 150,000 on them.
I have seen a bad battery cause this problem twice now. In my case I could let off of the gas and it would die, for instance when I would turn in somewhere. It would always start right back up. a new battery fixed both trucks and both were 97 models.
I would look at the throttle position sensor.
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