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Stalling While Braking "sometimes"

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2000 DAKOTA 4X4 4.7L 89000 MILES Start in the morning ,take off ,and at the first or second stop I can watch the RPM drop and shut truck off with no engine light on. Start again and will run fine the rest of the day(start and stop) Checked the codes and comes back empty.If I touch the gas as the RPM is dropping it will bounce back up and stay started :nutkick: Someone said check the brake booster but I havent found out how yet! (ANYBODY PLEASE REPLY) REPLACED IAC VALVE,THROTTLE CONTROL VALVE,CAMSHAFT POSTION SENSOR,CLEANED THROTTLE BODY,TALKED TO CRYSLER AND THEY SAID THERE ISNT ANY KNOWN PROBLEM SIMILAR TO MINE. THEY SUGGEST 150$ SCOPE BE DONE!
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aargh. CAP LOCK ALERT!!!
Check tranny fluid level. If it is low the torque converter will stay in lockup when you come to a stop. After you've driven a bit and it warms up it expands.
Checked fluid and if any it a little high. thanks
Do you have a full tank of gas or does it when the tank is a little near E. The reson I ask is that if the screen fell off inside the tank you will lose fuel psi when the gas sloshes around.
Also if the engine has a vacuum leak it will do the same.
It does it at any gas level ! havent found vac leak yet if any ! it only does it first thing in the morning and more often the colder it gets.
Check to see if your gas cap fits tightly. If you think it spins on too easy and clicks too lightly, replace the gas cap.

What about the t-up you didnt say anything about replacing the plugs. I had 33,000 miles on my 4.7 when I did the t-up, and the plug electrodes were so badly worn that when I measured the gaps on the old plugs they wer at an average of .065 with the biggest gap at .074.. My syptums were a slight stumble at idle sometimes. Once in a while it would stall when first started.
Gas cap is good ,no prob. there!
It could be a leaking brake booster. This will cause havoc with the idle motor.
Will the brake booster make it stall.Because the idle is fine other than the one time it stalles when I first start out in the morning.The fluid looks good ,could it still be posible ?
I wonder if the check valve on the vacume resovoir is bad causing the vacume to leak down over time and when you first start it in the morning your engine has to fill the resovoir back up (causing a magor vacume leak till vacume refills the resovoir). After it stalls and you go to restart it the resovoir has enough saved vacume to run fine.
After reading the symptoms more closely it appears that the stalling occurs during warm-up. :eek:
If the brake booster diaphram is leaking it will act as a vacumn leak, when the brakes are applyed. Desconnect the brake booster hose and plug it, when the truck is cold and see if it does the same thing. (The brakes will need more effort so drive reaonably during the test) If it does the same thing the booster isn't the problem. :rck:
Thanks Ill check it out!
Plugged the vac. line to brake booster and it still stalls . does anyone know if the torque converter could be a acause.Or the transmission. the fluid is a little high on the stick ,sometimes a little sluggish getting into gear. someone help me ,ill reward someone with $50.00.
What do your spark plugs look like? I would pull them out and take note of what they look like. I know they can be a hasle to get too but it might be worth it.
There is a pcv valve in the side of the oilf fill tube check to see if the spring in the pcv is broken.
The best bet is to throw a scan tool on it with the engine running. Then go to the data screan. What you want to look at is IAC counts you want to be between 29-32 counts with the A/C off. If it is higher then 32 thenyou have a load on the engine at idle( caused by torque converter sticking, restriction in intake stream, or your A/C is on. If it is lower then 29 then you have a vacume leak. Good luck I hope this helps.
You didnt say anything about a tune up? When is the last time you did it?
Thanks n gin ill check it out.
Hey SavageKR,
I am having a similar problem as you are. when I stop at a light RPM`s drop and motor goes dead. only thing is mine does not fix it self after motor warms up.
Took it to chrysler shop and they found a bulletin on the web Thats all I got of the site on my paperwork! But what it boiles down to is 3.7L and 4.7L engines there is a problem with the transmission filter not sealing properly and it does something to the torque converter to shut the engine down. Its been two days and hasnt stalled yet! they said when the pan came off the filter fell out! So thanks for all the input ,I wont be back until I have another problem.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and GOD BLESS. :gr_patrio :party0003
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