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srt-8 grand cherokee seats & wheels/tires

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brand new! still in the plastic, heated front and rear seats to 2006 srt-8. leather and suede, $1100

also all four wheels and tires. only 80 miles! $1500

i will take pictures tonight, pm me for pics
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would you sell the tires seperate?
What are the wheel specifications (bolt pattern/offset/weight)? Thanks!

if i can find someone to buy the wheels separate too, i will divide them up.

the wheels are 20x9 with 255/45-20 on the front and 285/40-20 on the rear. i do not know the weight and offset sorry.

the tires are run-flats also!
if you do find a buyer for the wheels how much are you thinking for the tires?

and not to rush but i will be needing tires soon as my wheels should be done from powdercoat today
Would you sell just the front seats?
would the 20's fit the ram? lol
how about the seats, would they fit in a Ram?
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