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some preview teaser pics!:) daytona

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well here it is some teaser pics until i get better ones i love it
it'll look so much better for now with the 2'' shackles coming (until i can get the 2/4 drop) and also getting a factory gas door painted to match the truck instead of the chrome door that pops out
still planning on either shaving the door handles off the doors and the taillgate or painting them to match the truck atleast.
ive debadged my other truck before but was honestly worried about how this one would look but it looks sexy as hell haha :thatfunny

i have the spoiler if anyone wants to buy it will come with everything you need to mount it


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I love the reg cab daytonas, I like the silver ones for some reason but I wouldnt mind have the tomato orange. Sharp looking truck bro. How did you paint the gas cover? I might do mine because I too have the daytona door and it would look good matching my truck. .
i havent painted it yet
i just got the truck last saturday so they need my truck for fixing some scratches monday and so i told them to get a stock gas door and paint it to match the truck i was gonna get them to paint that but it might take a little more effort
thanks for the compliment, my buddys always make fun of it cause it looks soooo orange sometimes then others its a tomato haha its great
I love that color along with my flame red because in certain light its red/orange and at mid day its red and at nite it looks like a dark red. Your color stands out other than plain average black and white toyatas and hondas around.
yeah its def an attention getting
cant wait for my headers and cutout to get here this week again so i can raise some more hell sounding like a monster truck haha
hell yea, it will be a head turner
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