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Some Useful information about the Diablosport Trinity Programmer

After spending time here at Diablosport in both the Tech Support and Sales departments, it’s come to my attention that while the Trinity has a substantial number of happy users, confusion remains among those that have never actually tried one out. Because of the datalogging features that allow the Trinity to be left plugged in, many people interpret this as having to be left hooked to the vehicle to maintain the tune as well.

How the Trinity Works:
Like the Predator, the Trinity is a flash device. This means that the tool writes a program onto the vehicle’s PCM (the module that controls the engine and sometimes the transmission), and once that is complete, the program stays written to its memory. Modern vehicles are equipped with PCM’s that store the tuning parameters in memory that is not dependent on power. In other words, you can flash the PCM with a tune, physically remove it from the vehicle, and the tune will remain on the PCM.

A few more points about the Trinity for the sake of comparison:

• One Trinity has the tuning ability of many Predator part numbers, and by virtue of this, carries tunes for many vehicles. All the supported vehicles are covered by one part number! In most cases, the easiest way to view the tunes and adjustable parameters available from the Trinity is to look up the Predator for the same vehicle. The Trinity can do everything for that application that the Predator can PLUS the other features like the virtual dragstrip, gauge display, and datalogging.

• The latest revisions to the DS Downloader program have made updating a Trinity as simple as possible. There is no longer a need to install a separate driver program, sync up the tool, select a specific update file, download it, then and manually send it to the tool. With the Trinity, the update procedure is a simple matter of downloading and installing the current version of the DS Downloader program and plugging in the Trinity. Once connected, you enter your information to register the tool, and the DS Downloader takes care of the rest automatically.

• The new software update (1r08) for the Trinity has completely changed the look of the gauges and screens, allowing greater customization and a more modern look. This update is compatible with ALL TRINITIES!
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