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small problem

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i need to extend my front 02 sensor on one side for my headers but the extension i got dosnt match up on top. can i cut that tab off and use it like that?
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If they are wired right and you secure it tape and a cable tie, yes.

Or you can just cut into the existing wires and add some extra wires to it.
Don't know, had lengthen mine on one side and considering the cost of that extension cable, the cost of reg 02 sensors etc.
We just cut the leads on the o2 sensor and spliced in a few inches of wire. Worked fine and actually they sent extra wire and connectors with the headers so it cost nothing extra.
yea i bought 2 thinking i had to extend both the rears but i ended up only needing one so i had the extra one anyways. i eneded up shaving the top tab and it worked great.
If you get a chance snap a pic and try to show exactly how you trimmed it to make it work. I'm sure quite a few run into that problem at least on 06's with LT's.

So how you liking the headers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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