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sliding door .. here we go again ..

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I wish I would have known about the full size van sliding door problem before I bought this one

Had trouble with it before and now its a slightly different problem but ... here we go:

when I turn the handle to open the door, it doesn't "pop" open far enough for me to easily slide it back ...

it does open just a bit, but now I have to put my hand in the section of the door that has sprung open and pull it open more, so I can slide the door open

(imagine this: the handle is the on right hand side - when you turn the handle, the left hand side of the door pops open - its the left hand side that is not come out far enough)

is there a simple adjustment or should I just take it back to the shop ?


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I'm not 100% on the intricate workings of the sliders. My '85 is the first sliding door van I've ever owned and it works perfect.

Do you have a 2000 Ram Van service manual? Maybe I can scan a few pics of the slider when I get home this evening.

no, I don't have a service manual

appreciate the help
Here's the procedure for making minor and major adjustments to the slider door mechanisms. Looking at the pics out of the service manual, I don't see why that extender kit on Ebay wouldn't fit you van. I just bought a kit for my '85 and the parts are pretty much the same. The seller (oldspeedtees) is always listing more. Anyhoo here's the scans from the 2000 manual (thanks DCX!!!)


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thanks again
Did you resolve this issue, Ram Man. I just checked my door, and it pops out just fine, even with extender on it. It doesn't always close properly, but I think it's because of the extender. Sometimes I have to push rear of door into the catch, and then use the handle to pull the door shut, all the way.....
had a rough day here today and honestly haven't had a chance to even try and mess with it yet ...
Well???? :)

There's another one of those slider extenders on Ebay. It might be worth a shot for you to get one. If it doesn't work, you can always resell it.
whats the item number please ?
thanks again
Both of those are identical to the one I got. It should work, even though it's not exactly the same. There's a slight bend in my original. Hey Ram Man, does your slider squeak? Mine does, but I can't remember if it did before I changed the arm. It's like the whole door shimmies around squeaking and squawking.
you know where the roller part on the top half that runs back and forth on the track is ?

(sorry, thats a terrbile grammatical sentence)

I noticed the other day, there is a lot of play in that, that causes a door rattle ...
I gotta lube the slider track on my '85. It's as dry as a bone....I'll use axle grease.

I've lots o rattles from the doors on my '85, I don't know if it's the slider or what.
in my particular case = it looks like there should have been something on the roller itself = I don't know

Can someone else look ? Is there rubber or nylon around the actual roller itself (up on the top) ?
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