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skyjacker 3" susp. question...(is a 3" susp. worth it)

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would a 3" skyjacker lift give you less of a lift from factory if you have an "offroad" edition? or will it give you 3" on top of an off road?
My other question is, how much more articulation will you achieve between the 5" skyjacker and the 3" skyjacker?
i assume the 3" skyjacker will give you more articulation than stock, right?
is a 3" lift even worth buying?
sorry for all the questions, but i wantmore of a lift than just my 2" spring spacers but i don't want to run a 35" tire. i think a 5" susp. plus my 2" spacer with 33's will not look good.
but a 3" skyjacker plus my 2" spacers might be ok? just not sure if the articulation gain is worth-while...

if anyone could throw some suggestions, i'd apprectiate it.

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A 3" lift that comes with replacement front springs will only give about an inch or so over the stock Offroad setup, ones that come with the spacer will give you 3" more, or a total of about 5" which is more than you want with the stock control arms. That said, if you want articulation, you need the longest springs you can get, so you can end up with a lower rate. Not sure about the Skyjacker springs, they don't give any detail about rates, but the 5" is probably lower in rate thatn the 3" which is again probably lower in rate than stock.
I'd say that going beyond 3" with 33s will look a bit undertired.
I coulda sworn I already made a reply to this..... oh well.

QCRam is right. The 3" lift will give you about 1" over the stock Off Road setup. It would give you a nice, level stance. I don't remember if the SJ 3" lift comes with new control arms or not. The control arms are also a limiting factor in suspension travel.

What I can tell you is that the SJ 5" suspension lifts come with new upper and lower control arms. SJ offers a number of different options on thier arms. You can choose from fixed poly joints, or heim joints, or any combination there of for your arms. The arms with the heims at both ends are obviously going to flex more than the ones with the poly at both ends.

A 3" lift and 33's is going to look good. You won't have any rubbing issues, and you'll still have a decent ride. I would highly recommend you stay away from doing a 3" lift and adding your coil spacers to it. You're going to be pulling the front axle way back towards the cab, and that'll create rubbing issues.

If you don't want to run a 35" tire, I'd go with the 33's and a 3" lift. If you want the articulation, look for replacement control arms with heim's at both ends, or at least one. Be forewarnd that the arms with heims are MUCH more expensive than standard, fixed arms.

One question for you. You seemed to be fixed on articulation (most of your questions center around it). Why? Are trucks are BIG. They're not going to win any rock crawling championships or anything like that. I don't know that the added expence of "flex arms" will pay off for you in the end. We're only talking about a couple of inches difference on the RTI ramp.

Bottom line, you are really the only one who can decide if the 3" lift is worth the money.
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go with the 3 inch and try it without the swaybar links, much better articulation and if i remember right you can get quick disconnects for jeeps that are easily adapted to our trucks.
I got the Cherokee disconnects from Rough Country, they're too long for a 3" lift, but it's just a matter of cutting one end of the tube and redrilling, they're still long enough for a 5" if needed at a later date.
I have the SJ 3" coil lift and it does come with arms. Sits very nicely over 33's and 35's clear as well. I am thinking of installing 2" spacers as well but I'm not sure if the it will work well with the springs and arms that I already have.
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