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Hey, I've been looking for a write-up involving an aftermarket audio upgrade with an 06 Durango (currently with Infinity + sub)

I did some searching but I didn't find the specific information I'm looking for. I know how to install amps, headunits, speakers, etc. But my friend just bought this car so I want to make sure I do everything right.
If anyone knows these specifics please chime in. :help:
- Was going to mount the amp under 3rd row. Where is the best ground I could get to?
- I'm guessing the scuff panels pop out easily like on all other cars to run the wire under the carpet. Any gimmicks here?
- Where is the best location to run a 4ga positive battery wire through the firewall? I don't want to do any drilling.
- Also if anyone knows the approx. watt handling for the Infinity speakers ty.

Pictures would be a great, or a fairly detailed description of where things are works too. I don't want to head into this project and find alot of bumps on the way. Also, if someone could link some pictures of just how their setup is, that'd be great too (sub and amp).

Thanks! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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