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Running 4awg through the firewall in an 01 Durango?

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Hey Guys,

Ok so it's my 3rd day with the new to me durango. I decided that the stock system SUCKS, even though it's infinity. I replaced the headunit already with the one out of my previous car, and mounted my GPS.

So now, time to slowly plan out the rest of the system. For the guys that have done it before, what's the best place to run 4awg cable through the firewall in these trucks?

I took a look but a spare access hole doesn't seem to be there. Just from my preliminary guesses, it makes sense to run power down the driver's side, and speaker / rca down the passenger side, since the infinity amp, with all it's speaker wire connections is right at the passenger kick panel. And the battery is on the Driver's side of the engine bay.

Thanks in advance,

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There's room in the firewall Here:

Pull back the padding, and drill it from the inside-out, and be sure to use a grommet. (Or carry a fire extinguisher with you when you drive)

You're probably running very little amp power since it's 4 gauge. 4 gauge is really small, so you probably won't need to drill holes in your seat frame to avoid those unsightly carpet bulges.

Secure the wire out of the way of your seat mounts, to be sure you don't pich it when you put your seat back in.

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