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RPM Outlet muffler delete

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Just installed this today. Other than it needing to be about 3-4" longer it was a easy install once I got that %$#@!&*muffler off!!! The sound, well, take the sound of a straight piped truck with no cat and divide it by two! It sounds great and it's loud but it's not annoyingly loud like straight pipe. I like it a lot!!! Best $56.00 I've spent to date......
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Wow, That sounds like what I'm looking for. Be doing it soon.
I like the sound even better than the MBRP I had on the 03!!!!
The replacement pipe is too short?? What did you do to make up the difference?
It's long enough to use but it could have been a little longer. I only got about 2" of coverage on each side. I would definitely make sure you use band clamps......
anyone run a magnaflow muffler on their truck?
Hemibass has one.....
Got Diesel? said:
Hemibass has one.....
yep i do sounds sweet with the 6in tip running normal it sounds ok but you hammer it and :rck: :rck: :rck: just nice
200cs said:
anyone run a magnaflow muffler on their truck?
I do too. Mine is the 20" long straight through one.

Sound is ok. Better than the straight pipe I used to have. More throaty. Not in love with it, but it is fine.

I have a magnaflow resinator in place of a muffler. (no cat) I thought it is a lot better than the SP setup, but not quiet by any means... and it is a strait flow through setup.

05 2500 6 speed
How loud are they with just the muffler deleted, leaving the stock cat? Is it much louder in the cab? And how about towing is there a annoying drone?

thanks :huh:
I haven't towed yet but I LOVE the way my truck sounds with the Cat on and the muffler off! Sounds just like straight pipe but not as loud!!! Awesome!!!
Dodgezilla, any tips on getting the stock pipes apart? The guy at the muffler store says I have to CUT mine out!
SAWZALL!!! The worst thing about it was when I loosened the U-Clamps I could move the muffler around on the pipes but there was no way in hell it was coming off!! I cut on an angle all the way past the undent from the clamps. I did this on the top and on the bottom. Then I used a big screwdriver to pry up on the section where I just cut. It will start to roll up and you just keep working it till it finally comes loose. Then you do the other end too. It really is a PITA for being such a seemingly simple operation. Those cuts on the muffler are sharp too so wear protection. Once you're done you will be very happy but you may want to take the muffler out and fill it with holes for what it put you through!!!!!!
I had mine strait piped at the local muffler shop 110.00 for that and a stainless exhaust tip installed. I love the way it sounds now. I thought it would be too loud but it is still more quite than my neighbors Ford. Mine just has a nice tone without all of the clatter normally associated with a diesel.
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