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Hey everyone, new to the forums, new to dodges as well :frown, picked up a 99 5.9L SLT a 4-speed Automatic with 4x4 about 3 months ago with 169k miles from family so it wasn't a bad deal, wasn't too much wrong with it at first, now small problems have started to arise. Not looking for this to last extremely long, but it's my DD and I'll be working full time in a few short months where I need to get around in the winter with no issues.

-Changed front rotors/pads
-Did heater core flush(had no heat)
-Found coolant leak at bypass hose, changed bypass, upper radiator hose, and heater core to engine secondary hose
-Changed Thermostat, thermostat housing, and heater tube to heater core
-Cut bend off intake pipe to airbox(just for shits, got me about 2+ mpg), soon to pipe it straight to the grille with the rubber flap removed
-Did Torsion bar lift(lost paper with the amount of turns written it fairly even, still adjusting :|)
-Wasn't starting a week ago, found it was the fuel pump relay thank heavens, changed it

Third day after I drove it home, the TV Cable clip snapped off at the hook, it was glued prior to me buying it, it's been on a chain that I rigged up ever since. Pic Below, I put a rubber grommet inside a chain link to protect the cable for the time being, and added two lock washers around the clip to give some tension to the chain and a zip tie to keep it from pulling sideways.

When on the highway, bear in mind this is after adjusting the TV cable with the clip many times, I get an RPM drop at around 50-60 mph, it also makes a buzzing noise like it's in a weird spot in the powerband and it won't accelerate until I keep giving it gas, it usually either upshifts(not sure if it happens in 3rd or 4th?) or the torque converter locks up and it powers out of it, anything past 60 and there's no issues..apart from gas mileage.

As I've said I've been adjusting the TV cable at the clip just about every other day to try something new, I had it running towards the firewall because I liked the harder shifts and the higher shift points but after a while it made me uneasy and didn't like the mileage it had. Now I'm going towards the radiator more and more every day, not extreme amounts I just open the throttle enough for it to move the cable about 1/16", the problem doesn't seem to be changing.

My dilemma is that I don't know whether it's the TV cable that I should just replace($50), the throttle position sensor(~$50 still), and I've heard mention it could be the EGR sensor? (Exhaust gas recirculation or something?) I'm beginning to worry that is this a much deeper transmission problem.

I've been pretty lucky about cheap fixes on this truck and I don't intend to stop now but obviously I need it to run well, this issue can be dealt with but I'm a DIY'er.

Any thoughts on what it could be? I'm still adjusting the TV cable.

Here's some thoughts on the TV cable:
1. The chain I have rigged up simply won't work with how the clip is designed to work
2. I just have to keep adjusting it, and the issue is that the TV cable is just so slightly off that it won't let it shift
3. The tranny is going
4. It's some bs sensor
5. The electronics are starting to fail

I've read about those replacement detent cable clips but they won't work with how the cable is designed unless I rig it up to the existing one(not preferred), I've thought about going to a pick and pull but most have said they will already be cut, also just to get a new clip onto the truck I'd have to dremel a slit down it like the replacement one I was looking at, or clip the retaining bead off the TV cable (also not preferred) and find a way to recreate it but I doubt it would work as these all seem like very specific things that can't be messed with too much.

Apologies for the life story...any help is appreciated, please help!


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