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My leaf springs are shot on the rear of my 2500 megacab, as a quick fix I installed helper bags and LOVE them.
So now I'm not as worried about having 2500 springs anymore, I'm thinking of going to 1500 springs in the hopes of a better ride when not towing.
My question is: What springs do I need to get? Can I get springs that are "made to fit" a 1500 long bed, or maybe a 1500 regular quad cab?
Having a hard time finding the info I am wanting.
Any advise is much appreciated.

also as a side note, what rear shocks do most folks recommend? I've always liked Bilstiens, but can't seem to find them they say they fit the mega cab...I'm having the same issue on the front shocks... I want new shocks for the front, but have the 2" lift spacers and my standard options seem VERY limited.

Thanks again.
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