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rear drum/disc brakes swap

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I recently picked up a second car, a '95 Neon Sport Coupe
I am currently driving a '97 Neon Highline DOHC

the '95 has 4 wheel disc brakes w/abs
the '97 had front disc/rear drum with no abs

what is involved in switching the systems around? the '95 will be my daily driver, but the '97 is going to be more of a project car and I plan to add many upgrades and I wouldnt mind having the disc brakes on the '97

has anyone attempted this yet??
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Go to this thread: Underdodge still has a set of discs for the rear as far as I know. I didn't buy them because freight was too much to Alaska.
no I already have all the parts on the '95 that I want to change over to the '97
then I will put the drum brakes back on the '95 in place of the discs

just wondering whats involved in changing it around
sorry man, my bad. Good luck!
Yeah! Alaska I talked to Underdodge the other day and he told me how much the shipping would be...........thats insane! almost 300$ to ship, what a load of bull!

I wish I knew enough to tell you Donald!!!! You can look at a few other sites which offer free info and How-to's. and also One of them sites may have a tutorial or something, maybe even with pictures. Good luck!
Awesome guys thanks

I'm going to pull the rear wheels off both cars this weekend maybe and see what i can size up, I will fill you guys in on my findings for future reference i guess!
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