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I took my 96 Dodge camper van in to have the front ball joints replaced. The van was in the shop for almost 2 weeks. They kept telling me it wasn't ready that they had been very busy.
I drove the mile and a half home and immediately noticed the lack of power. Long story short they stripped the van.
I took it to a mechanic in order to determine exactly what had been done. all he would say was well you've got new freeze plugs so for some reason they've been in your engine block and the drive shaft is completely rusted.
I then took the van to pep boys where I had just had new brakes put on - the new brakes were no longer there.

The van only had 77,000 miles on it.

I call the shop and spoke with Juan the mechanic and told him I knew they had taken parts off the van and his reply was.... And what are you going to do about it?

I filed a suit against the business and one but he keeps filing for a continuance and postponing the the trial date.

I am posting a photo of the drive shaft and the rear axle. They took my air shocks left the bags they did add two shocks that don't work well and it appears they have fabricated a way to mount those shocks. Also they replace my 35 gallon gas tank with a much smaller one.
Can anyone tell me what it should look like under the carriage of a 96 Dodge b3500 Dodge ram van camper? It had the 5.9 engine V8 and I could pass anything on the highway after I picked it up from Juan I couldn't climb an ant hill!
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