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Question About A Tonneau

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Has anyone used a trifold hard tonneau? I am thinking about buying one. I want a hard tonneau that I can lock, but I want to be able to easily remove it to store large iteams in the bed. Any suggestions!
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I too am looking at tonneau covers. It's a really tough choice, there are a million of them!!! There is one made by extang that is called a "full tilt" model, it tilts up (it has struts to hold it open), or it comes completely off in like 20 seconds, or it rolls up if you want it to, and it allows your tailgate to be opened, but most of them do.
I've heard that the velcro they use on the "tri-fold" models does NOT stick, it peels up from the edges, and it is an ongoing problem that just happens over and over. I would rather have the aluminum frame style that clamps to the bed, with snaps on the cover, which is what the Extang Full Tilt model has, or one of the "J style" attaching covers. And despite what people say about snaps being hard to snap in the cold, and that the covers shrink or they stretch, I have never had any of those problems with previous covers. Keep the cover clean and conditioned and it'll do exactly what you need it to, hot or cold weather. This Extang is about $350.00 roughly, depending on where you choose to buy. Summit Racing is the cheapest at $321.00 but they don't have any!!!
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I'm looking at the factory trifold. It's a hard cover and has no velcro. It's not cheap though. I can get it at cost ($525.00).
I haven't used the tri-fold, but my dad has a Ford Explorer Sport Trac with the factory "duo-fold"(?) cover, and it's pretty good and sturdy. I went with a Pace Edwards Roll-Top, so I can keep it covered when needed, and then retract it like a window blind when I want to use the whole bed. It is made of alumnium panels with vinyl on top, so it sort of looks like a soft tonneau, but has a little bit more security- theives can't just unsnap it, or cut through it as easily as a soft one. I had a soft hinged cover on my Ram and it was effortlessly broken into in a parking lot, which made me rethink the whole thing. Anyway, I definitely suggest Pace Edwards or other hard retractables. It doesn't seem like anyone else on here uses one, but they're good.
I think I'll go with a tri-fold myself, the other one I thought I wanted was an Extang brand, and I had a VERY reputable truck accessory store tell me that they stopped carrying that brand because they are crap, and the customer service was awful. The brand he has is ADVANTAGE and it does appear to be made well, he has one on display. $399.00 installed.
I know some around here don't have much good to say about them, but i put a Peragon retractable tonneau on my truck. You sacrifice a few inches of bed space if you need to open it, but it is a good looking unit, quite sturdy, no rattles, lockable, and low profile. it also is pretty easily removable by one person in a few minutes.
I have just recently purchased an extang trifecta tonneau cover. I got it off ebay for about 350. I like it, it is really easy to take on and off. I wanted a locking one also but decided to get this one and put on a locking tailgate handle.
I have the tri-fold myself, and really like it. My only complaint was that the tailgate locking mechanism is kind of cheesy. That was remedied with the Pace "PowerGate" kit, which ties a tailgate lock into the factory door locks. Other than that, four allen-head screws to remove the cover, and it fits in the back seat of my dak.

Works for me. :)
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