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Hey All!

I am looking at unloading my 2001 gasser for a diesel.

Since this forum has many gurus, please enlighten me on whether I should take this deal.

2006 Mega Cab 2500 4x4 Laramie - $38,500 OTD.

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I dunno, seems kinda steep to me. Check out Kelly Blue Book, even they say that truck in execent condition isn't worth that much.
Actually, I think $38.5k is a pretty good deal if the truck is new. A buddy of mine paid $42k a few months ago for a fully loaded MC 4x4 Laramie.

That price sounds about right.

All I can say is check E-Bay! Lots of Five star dealers looking to deal!!! Look here and you will see that your price is right in line...
That sounds like a pretty good deal. I got my SLT a few weeks ago and paid $35.5k + TTL

I don't know what state you live in, but depending on your sales tax, that is a great out the door price on a Laramie MC. In California, with my 8 3/4% sales tax, it adds thousands of dollars to the price.
Thanks Boys...

Now if I could get rid of my 2001 gasser for a decent price, i'd be on it.

LOL, anybody interested?
Just trade it in and be done with it. I'm doing just that with over $8000 worth of performance good on my truck and I'm not getting crap for any of it. Sometimes you just have to have something at any cost. I swear I don't know why I want to row thru the gears here in our nations capital. I'll probably have it up for sale within 6 months!!!!
We'll see about the trade, I might try and sell it outright...

I'll keep my dodge brothers posted on if the Mega Cab comes.
Got Diesel? said:
I'll probably have it up for sale within 6 months!!!!
I'll take it off your hands after you've taken the depreciation hit ! :D

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