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Power steering problems

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I replace the pump twice today the first pump got so hot it melted the res and leaked all my fluid out and maybe 10 miles on the free way. Second reman. Pump the pully blow into peices after a few miles. On the second pump The steering cooler was also hot, I could touch but not keep my hand on it . Both pump had 1/4" or so of play in the arbor, so the pulley was moving and on any other pump I've ever done the pulley had no play. I'm stumped any help as to why the pump is getting so hot. Any help ?
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you might have a bad pressure line ,or return line . I have seen way to many defective parts nowadays, maybe try a different brand.
If the p.s. pump came apart internally, the steering gear may be restricted or plugged up.
This would cause overheating of the pump. Check the hoses for restrictions also. If
debris is found in any of these, replace the whole system..

Good luck, Daddyododge1
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