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OK Here's Mines From 1Gn.Org

Hello Everyone... :mopar: :eek:wned: :drunk: :gears:

My New Installed Weapon R Coolant Reservoir Tank

My Fuel Injector Wire Tuck Before V-----V----V

And After V-------------------V--------------------V

My Iceman CAI Shootin da Breeze Lmao...

My New Installed Red Booger Bushings

My Fabricated EGR Block Off Plates Made From an Amp back Plate

XO Vision Dvd Player

My Neon Mean Muggin LoL

My Oldest Son Helping Me Prep For Paint

Before V-------------------v------------------------v

And After v-------------------v---------------------v

Ahhh!!! Break Time.........

Battery Relocated to Passenger Side Rear trunk

Pure Evil Dunno How I Got This SnapShot But Well Worth it =P

Username: Hotrod
Car: 1997 Dodge Neon 4dr 2.0 Sohc
GO HERR... :arrow:
Mod list:
eBay's Coilovers all around & KYB GR-2 Struts, Suspension Techniques Motor Mounts,
Dodge Neon 2.0L Sohc, Iceman Intake, Weapon R Coolant Overflow Tank, Booger Bushing's all around, Battery Relocation Kit, Egr Block Off Plates, & did a Fuel Injector Wire Tuck!
Wheel & Tires:
Konig Ultra Lightweight 17" Rims, Wrapped in Lo Profile 205-40-17 Falkens, w / Bullet Stem Caps

Cf Shifter w / Booger Bushing's ,painted silver Dash, Xo Vision DvD Entertainment Center

Oem, Paint Scheme Undecided, PPG Championship White or Piano Black are my choices...

<a href="">Body Kits</a>
<a href="">Headlights</a>
<a href="">Tail lights</a>

About the car:
I started this project about a year ago, on a very very very tight budget.
doing as much as I could, by fabricating my own parts, an buying used parts from EBay, & Craigslist,
replacing broken Oem Parts w / Aftermarket Parts.
from Andy's Auto Sports located At 673 S. Milpitas Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 US Or Website
Mordern Performance Located At 9531 Town Park Dr Houston, TX 77036 Or Website
& Circuit City At
the paint is the last thing on my list of things to do, I just hope the rust doesn't beat me to the punch!

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what are the name of those rims. they look damn good in my opinion with the rest of the car
261 - 265 of 265 Posts
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