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I parked on a steep hill recently and my rear tires started getting really hot on my way home.
I examined the parking brake cable on the drivers side and noticed a break in the coating of the cable and rust.
I removed the cable and installed a new cable, however, in the process of removing the cable I removed the return spring on the driver's side rear caliper. It was difficult to get the spring back on and I had to use a C-clamp to bring the two points the spring attached to together, but I finally got the spring on. I also loosened the nut on the back of the caliper that holds the lever that the spring attaches to. I retightened the nut
Now the emergency brake cable appears to be working properly, it moves back and forth, and the spring appears to be returning it to it's normal position. the only problem is that the left rear wheel won't lock when I have the parking brake
Is there a way of adjusting the parking brake or does it adjust itself, if so how?
Did I brake the caliper by loosing the nut on the back or using the c-clamp to get the spring on?
How can I fix the caliper, it is too expensive to get a new one.

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