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Pace Edwards Jackrabbit....good deal

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I just ordered my new cover today :rck: . Pace edwards Jackrabbit. $645.99 to your door. Pretty good deal just thought I would pass it on. :D
It is 655.99 and then from the main page this weekend only you click on the extra $10 savings :D .
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The site showa price of 791.00 how did you get your price?
It appears the cover rolls like the overhead door on overseas shipping
containers, is that correct?

correction, for a gen3lb like mine 845.
These are really, really nice.
My father-in-law installed one on his 06 F-150 and it looks and works great!
Install for him (very inclined) took about 2 hours.
I'm looking to get one soon for my 04 Ram.
Bring up which cover you want. It showed the 03-06 long bed to be $854.99. They say thier prices are so low :whackit: they can't show them on the site. Well anyway click add to cart it shows the sale price then. It showed the 03 - 06 long bed to be $685.99 and then from the main page click the $10.00 discount and it is $675.00 to your door.
Thanks for the link. The Full Metal Jack Rabbit sure sounds good for what I would want out of a cover.

Post pics once yours is installed and give us your opinions.
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