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odd sound

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i just installed a K&N intake kit (57 series) on a 2004 with the 5.7. now my motor sounds like i have a major exhaust leak. is this a normal sound with this specific intake or could there be a problem all of a sudden.
thanks for your help.
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You should not sound like you have an exhaust leak. We need more details, was it right after install? Is it at idle? I doubt you'd get a sudden exhaust leak though unless you are running headers or bottomed out the suspension
this sound started right after install. the truck is quite at idle, however at about 3/4 throttle is when i hear the sound. this sound is definitely not the hissing sound that i have heard other people getting.
Does it sound like a "clanking" sound? I have the same intake and notice the same thing at 3/4 throttle.
almost like a fast ticking noise but i hear it more at highway speeds, the sound is constant at around 60mph and higher. does that sound familiar?
Yes it does. I would almost bet it has something to do with the actual construction of the CAI. It could be the plastic tube vibrating against the heat shield, the metal top on the cone filter, etc. I've been running it for 2 years without any problems.
did you try anything to get rid of the sound or did you just learn to live with it
I never tried to figure out where it came from. My exhaust was pretty loud, and that drowned the sound out a lot. Plus, I'm always listening to the radio. But like you said, it only comes on at certain times. Come to think of it, I notice it most when going 40-50 mph and barely pressing on the gas pedal. That is when it is most noticeable.

Hey, just throw a sound system or loud exhaust on your truck and you'll forget its there lol
i got true duals already but the noise from the CAI bothers me, but like you said you had a similar noise for 2 years and no further problem so i am goin try not to worry about it to bad
Don't worry the noise is normal.Either live with it or push the pedal a little bit harder and it goes away :rck:
i heard about the egr valve ticking and it could be heard through some aftermarket intakes. its nothing to worryabout its doing what it is suposed to do. but it does make a little sound. also there is a guy on another forum that has build a baffle to fix the sound i just cant remember where he posts.
It could be a rock in your tire!!!!!
If it only happens at low rpm under load and is not a major sound astated above then it happened in my old Hemi also, another reason i took the CAI off my truck. I've seen good dyno charts on CAI and 1000-2800 rpm there is a loss of hp and tq but after that there is a gain. Think about where you do most of your driving, it's below 3000 so I think the CAI is no good unless you have major mods.
Use this, it fixed my ticking/hissing sound:

Its the EGR baffle at the top of the page. Install time is about 5 minutes.
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