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i have a 91 caravan 3.3 and was having fuel psi issues with it running only at 33 psi an cutting out on me-norm is 44-50 ,etc..replaced pump 2 times an checked regulator,relay an auto shut down relay an filter an still low pressure.died on me driving once too an no restart ..i decided to look at the hidden code i had all along again -no check engine light on..a code 17 was what i had--its engine tempt too cool.. never thought it world be factor-

I then decided to replace the COOLANT TEMP SENSOR and Bam-:wink- the fuel pressure shoots up 10 psi to 44 as it should be ...i even put another stat on it after this for good measure -10 an 7 bucks ..huge savings!!

How does a temp sensor raise the fuel pressure so much at start an run mode..?
Any other info on this? Im still in awe!
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