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Obdii Software???

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Just wandering if any of you use OBDII software with a laptop to diagnose problems. If so, which do you use and where would I find it?

I've looked at a few places like and others that came up during a search. But I'm just not sure of exactly what I should be looking for.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I use a snap on scanner. Works o.k. Not as many features as I would like though. Hardly any options for testing stuff on my V10. I think we paid around 6k for the scanner and chips. I can get you the name of the scanner if you need.
snap on scanner is ****ING junk sorry just what i think they are not woth the cash you pay

i use a dealer OBDII
we did try some stuff with a laptop and it worked well
I agree but dealer scanners are real expensive. When you work on all different types of vehicles it's not worth it. I would need a Gm, Dodge and ferd scanner. That would probably run around 30 grand.
Here is a link to the scanner I use . So far I have not run into an obd2 vehicle I couldn't use it on and it has lots of options. I like it alot and it has helped me out tremendously
the one I used on my Ram is called OBD2 Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser.
you will need to fabricate a serial to OBD-2 cable.
I will see if I can get the pinout.
Anybody have the pin out for the cable handy?
if you plan on working mostly on your dodge truck, Autoenginuity dodge enhanced is the way to go. this is NOT the generics on ebay. in addition to generic obdII info you'll have access to body computer, trans, dash, abs(unsure on this) and have access to many bidirectional tests such as injector drop tests, full feilding the charging system etc.
generic obdII gets you (generally) tps,map,temp,timing,any/all 02's, fuel trims...........not much else.
dodge enhanced data gets you...a/c pressure, charging voltage, fuel level, shift solenoid postitions, p/s pressure switch to name a few. in other words, what the pcm sees, you see. what you do with the info is up to you.

it's a feww dollars more than most generic pc based scan tools but if you're fixing a dodge, well worth the extra 50 bucks or so.


look at have what you need. It uses a laptop or palm and can be used as you are driving and tells you just about everything.
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